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On behalf of everyone here at REAL School Gardens, we wanted to thank everyone who contributed to our unprecedented success yesterday.

By midnight,

  • 150 donors contributed  
  • $20,315, and 
  • 55 new donors, as well as donors from
  • 18 different states contributed to help ensure that low-income schools have access to our outdoor learning program.

You also helped spread the word about REAL School Gardens, getting us stories in:

And everyone who participated was part of a record-breaking giving day that generated:

  • 75,231 donations totaling 
  • $25.2 million to over
  • 1,300 local nonprofits that went on to win 
  • $1.5 million in bonus funds!

While this important work was taking place, you also helped us have fun doing it, joining in on our bug-eating challenge both remotely and at a variety of community events and donation stations.   Everyone who liked and commented on all of our facebook videos  helped bring in: 

  • 31 new followers on facebook (our biggest one-day gain EVER)!

None of this would have been possible without you, our supporters, followers, customers and friends.  We are deeply grateful to you for your generosity and your dedication to our cause.


The REAL School Gardens Team

P.S.  On the off-chance that you lost your wallet yesterday, or your computer cable was eaten by bugs,  we are more than happy to receive donations anytime!  Please give what you can to put children on the path to success, with engaging, hands-on, outdoor education.  Give today, tomorrow and the other 363 days of the year.  See you in the learning garden!



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