Did your email system mangle this love note? See it online

Dear  ,

Spring is upon us, and with it comes Valentine's Day.  When I was young, everyone in my class would create and decorate a mailbox, and then we'd give everyone else a card.  Remember the pressure of deciding which kid got which valentine?

But more important than giving us the thrill of getting real mail,  Valentine's Day is a yearly reminder to take a moment and express our gratitude and appreciation for one another.  

Chances are, you will never get to meet the child who made this card, and see for yourself how much she loves her REAL school garden. So when we received this sweet little note, we wanted to make sure we passed it along to the right person, the one who makes our learning gardens possible.  This Valentine she sent us is actually for you.   

Because of you, REAL School Gardens now partners with 100 schools in 5 urban school districts, and gives 55,000 students a dynamic outdoor classroom where they can thrive and enjoy their lessons.  Because of you, we recently received a three-year program evaluation that proves our program increases student engagement, doubles teacher effectiveness and job satisfaction, and makes teachers better prepared to help their students succeed.  Because of you, the little girl who made this card is enjoying Science, Math, and Language Arts lessons in ways she never dreamed possible. She's genuinely excited about "having class."  

We think you "have class" too.  From all of us at REAL School Gardens, have a happy Valentine's Day.  For everything you do for us, we want to thank you from the bottom of our construction-paper hearts.


Scott Feille
Regional Director



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