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Dear ,

One of the things I love about my job is meeting the kids who help create our REAL school gardens.  Most children help us design the garden as part of our Student Design Competition, and many help us build the garden during our Big Dig.  But few articulate the process as well as a young man I met the other day. His name is Alan, and I wanted you to meet him.  Alan helped his school apply for and win the partnership with REAL School Gardens while in 5th grade.  Now, he's a middle-schooler, but took time to come back to help bring the garden to life.

You can hear what Alan has to say in a video about the Big Dig.

I was speaking with Alan while we worked and he said "We had a dream.  We all pitched in and gave ideas, and now it’s coming true.  With hope and caring we’ve made our dream a reality.  The garden will teach kids to see the beauty in nature-the math and science in nature-like how much, how many, multiplication and all about water.  We will also have more togetherness and more happiness.  Learning new things gets me excited and gives me a better chance and better understanding for life."

Couldn't have said it better myself. 


Scott Feille
Regional Director



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